Dupli announce exciting new partnership with PSI

Wednesday, 13 December 2023

Dupli announce exciting new partnership for Kodak Photo Chemistry

Dupli are delighted to announce their appointment as official distributor of Kodak Photo Chemicals by American photo chemical manufacturer Photo Systems inc.

Photo Systems Inc., an American photo chemical manufacturer with over 45 years experience in the manufacture of photo chemicals recently secured the worldwide licence for Kodak Professional chemistry. Following extensive discussions, Dupliwere appointed as the European distributor of these products. Black & White chemistry products are expected to be available in Europe during the early months of 2024, with colour products to follow.
Mike Fawcett, Dupli CEO commented,
“Not only is it great for the industry to see the return of Kodak chemistry but I’m so pleased to be working with Photo Systems inc who are led with vigour and passion by Alan Fischer and his team. As with all the products and brands we work with, the team here at Dupli will apply their expertise and enthusiasm in equal measures to make this a success for all parties and we can’t wait to get started”.

Alan Fischer, Founder and CEO of Photo Systems inc. was equally as enthusiastic about the new partnership.

“On September 1, 2023 Photo Systems Inc. became the worldwide licensee for Kodak Professional chemistry. Prior to this time, Photo Systems Inc. manufactured photographic chemistry for Kodak Alaris, the film licensee that continues to operate today. Subsequently, when Kodak Alaris sold its chemical business to Sino Promise, we continued manufacturing chemistry for them.

In early 2023, Sino Promise decided to exit the chemistry business. This prompted us to begin the process of securing a licensing agreement directly from Eastman Kodak, enabling us to operate as both the licensee and manufacturer of Kodak Professional chemistry. We are pleased to announce that we recently successfully secured that agreement.

Currently, we are in the process of rebranding the products under the Kodak brand with Photo Systems Inc. as the licensee and manufacturer. Our plan is to reintroduce the entire range of black and white products, followed by the release of C-41, E-6, and RA-4 color products.

We immediately started the process of establishing a network of distributors worldwide and are delighted to have appointed Dupli as our European distributor.

After meeting the team over in England at their HQ in Leicester, I was instantly impressed not only by their structural organisation and scale, but also by their passion for analogue photography and processing.

The Kodak Professional chemicals brand has a long and rich history, and a reputation for excellent quality. It has garnered a dedicated and passionate following among analogue photographic enthusiasts, and as we work together with our key distribution partners we are anticipating that the brand will be widely available in 2024.”

Kodak Chemistry products will start to appear on our website shortly with a complete product list and pricing structure released in the near future.