Dupli Environmental Printing Workshop

Thursday, 21 September 2023
Dupli, the UK’s leading photographic equipment & consumables supplier are partnering with Epson and Hahnemühle...
A hands on photographic print workshop to discover whether adopting greener print practices comes with creative compromises.

Dupli, the UK’s leading photographic equipment & consumables supplier are partnering with Epson and Hahnemühle to give users an opportunity to test the latest printers from Epson along with Hahnemühle‘s Natural Line Papers, in a free to attend, experimental workshop at their Leicester showroom.

Printers from the Fine Art and Photo Print communities are becoming more conscious of the demand from customers for an environmentally friendly option for their high-quality prints.

Two of the major brands in this market, Epson and Hahnemühle have both taken steps to create an environmental vision for their respective businesses. Both will be taking part in this groundbreaking exploratory workshop where respected Inkjet Specialist Keith Cooper will be running a variety of tests to try and answer the question:

Can you print greener without having to compromise on quality?

Dupli Chief Marketing Officer Louise Wilce elaborated,

Like all responsible businesses, Dupli are always looking for ways that we can improve our individual green footprint, but we also feel it’s important to work collaboratively with our key partners to try and drive the environmental message forward.

In Hahnemühle and Epson we have two of the most well-respected brands in the industry, each with a strong commitment to a more sustainable future. We’re also aware that there may be a worry that any change of print practice to something more environmentally friendly may carry with it a compromise on quality.

Our event brings these brands together with industry renowned Inkjet Specialist Keith Cooper, in a first of its kind collaborative workshop to experiment with the latest papers and printers from our two partners in the hope of finding a greener pathway whilst meeting the high standards the market expects.

We don’t attest to have all the answers, but are curious souls at Dupli and are really excited about taking the first steps on this green voyage of discovery”

About Keith Cooper
Keith Cooper is a professional photographer based in Leicester. Alongside his own photography business, Northlight Images, Keith teaches, writes and lectures on photography and modern photographic techniques to individuals and companies – specialising in bringing an appreciation of the latest technology to all areas of photography.